Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse i gruppen MEKANISKA BILAR & MOTORCYKLAR hos Ugears Sverige (UG70202)
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse
Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse

Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse

Artnr: UG70202
399 kr
• Delar: 226
• Beräknad tid: 4 timmar
• Nivå: Enkel

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  • Produktbeskrivning
  • Ugears UG70202 - Sports Car Rapid Mouse

    Assemble me. Go to the car show with me!

    • Model size: 21x7.5x13.5cm
    • Package size: 37.3x17x3.4cm
    • Number of components: 226
    • Estimated time for assembly: 4 hours
    • Difficult level: Easy

    Introducing the Sports Car Rapid Mouse, a mid-20th century classic roadster. This gorgeous 1/24 scale automobile model is the second model in the Dual Motors series by Ugears, joining the Hot Rod, and is sure to set hearts fluttering for all you car lovers out there. Imagine riding down a country road in this beauty, watching jaws drop as the people you pass go absolutely gaga over your sports car. Take it to a Saturday morning car show and get ready for the crowds and questions, ride in your hometown parade, or go motoring in the country—the only limit is your imagination! Beautiful lines, attention to detail, great design and mechanics—this car has everything you’ve come to expect from Ugears.

    There’s just something about driving a convertible that makes you feel alive—maybe it’s the wind in your hair, the sounds of church bells and children that reach your ears, the smell of the woods and grass as you drive through the country. The first cars were open air, and once you drive a convertible you’ll wonder why we ever got away from that (OK, admittedly there is this thing called weather…). Start your Dual Motors collection today with the Sports Car Rapid Mouse convertible, and get ready for more mini model cars to add to your fleet of classic automobiles.

    The Sports Car mini car model has dual engine functionality. Wind the spring motor with six full rotations of the ratchet key located on the model car’s undercarriage, or pull the Sports Car back along a flat surface, release and watch the car speed off, like any pullback toy car. This wooden model car can turn left or right by adjusting the front wheels, or point it straight and go for distance. Rubber band tires give traction and are easy to mount and replace. The Ugears Sports Car Rapid Mouse features realistic scaling, a wonderfully detailed interior, functional boot-mounted spare wheel that can be interchanged with either of the front wheels, side doors that open, and a manual hard-top with sunroof that folds up and down, and clicks into place.

    The Sports Car Rapid Mouse DIY mini auto kit has 226 parts and is rated ”Easy” level. Everything you need for assembly comes right in the box. Simply punch the pieces out of the laser pre-cut boards then snap them together following our illustrated step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Enjoy 4 hours of lightly challenging build time then hours of play time with your DIY toy car model. And if you enjoy this classic mini Sports Car, check out the other models in Ugears’ outstanding line of 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes and STEM Lab model kits.

    The Sports Car is a handsome addition to our growing catalog of Ugears race cars, motorbikes, trucks and other outstanding automotive DIY models and a great gift for any car lover or 3D puzzle enthusiast. You can leave it in its attractive natural wood state or live your dreams on a small scale by painting or staining it in a custom color scheme of your choosing. Happy motoring!
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